A huge part of the pageant industry involves how each delegate plans to make the world a  better place. This is called our platform, on which we educate ourselves relentlessly so that we can spread the empowerment nation-wide. I would like to raise awareness for hearing loss because I suffer from it myself and it has put up many barriers in my life that I would like to educate people about. My goal is for people to understand that hearing loss can be very stressful and we deserve the same recognition as any other disorder.

The story of how I got hearing loss begins in July of 2016. My friends and I drove 40 minutes to a bridge where there was a lake and a rope swing that went from the top of a cliff to the lake. When I tried the rope swing, I let go too late and I lost control- next thing I knew I was underwater and tirelessly kicking to get back up for air. The experience was all fun and games- until the next week came by.

I woke up one morning with extreme ear pain and blood from my ear, so I went to get it checked. The doctor said I had ruptured my ear drum and there was a raging infection. At first I was confused why this would have happened. Then, I remembered that the pressure underwater changes drastically as you go deeper and that going too deep can cause a ruptured ear drum! After 3 weeks of antibiotics, the infection only got worse. In fact, it spread to my face leaving the left side paralyzed and unable to move. The infection had also spread to my mastoid air cells (responsible for hearing) which made it hard for me to hear. For the first couple days that I was admitted into the hospital, my ear was so infected and bloody that the doctors couldn’t see my eardrum when using their otoscope (instrument for viewing ears).

One day, a doctor had the solution to put a tube in the hole in my eardrum to allow the fluid from the inner ear to drain out. I was put under anaesthesia for this operation because the ear drum is very sensitive. A few days passed in the hospital and I was still having bad pains, so the doctor checked my ear to see what was wrong. He saw that the tube was out of place so he decided to fix the positioning of the tube. He got the tube out and put another tube in- this means that he was doing a procedure on me that I should be under anaethesia for. A couple minutes later he told us that the tube fell through the hole in my eardrum and into my inner ear. Having the tube in my ear posed more problems because foreign objects are prone to gaining bad bacteria. I was sent home and I later became a patient at SickKids where I got another surgery to remove the tube.

That is my story on how I got hearing loss. I spent a total of 5 days in the hospital in Sudbury and took 4 visits to SickKids Hospital. The purpose of telling my story is so everybody understands how passionate I am about advocating on hearing loss. I also have exciting plans coming up as I partner with the Canadian Hearing Society! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I promise to never make this long of a post again! 😉

Written by: Faith
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Sorry about the bad quality and the aggressiveness of the video but this had to be said.SIGN THE PETITION:https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/fix-the-dress-code-2k17.html

Posted by Faith Victoria on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Everyday, girls are sexualized and objectified for wearing clothing that allows them to be comfortable in hot weather. Whether this be shorts or a tank top, no girl should have to be pulled out of class to change their clothing. Classrooms don’t have air conditioning in the hot seasons, yet girls are expected to wear full length pants and shirts. “Short must be mid-thigh”- but absolutely no stores sell those kinds of shorts, fashionable or not. Girls deserve as many rights as boys do when it comes to dressing for the weather. Shoulders and thighs should not be considered too sexual for school and we hope this changes.

To fix this issue I made a petition of which I will discuss with the school board or any authority that can help us fix this issue.

” The purpose of this petition is to allow girls to feel comfortable in their own skin. Girls are inevitably forced to wear warm clothing in summer because they are afraid of getting dress coded/embarrassed for wearing what keeps them comfortable. Girls understand the importance of modesty and professionalism- changing the dress code does not mean allowing clothing of any type. Changing the dress code allows for girls to not feel objectified for showing their skin and allows them to dress according to the weather. Our goal is to change the view of the School Board and hope they consider being more lenient when it comes to dress codes.”

Written by: Faith
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Hey everyone! I’m Faith and I am this years’ Miss Teenage Sudbury District 2017! My 2 biggest passions in life are learning and modelling. I love to learn about science- chemistry and biology are my favourite subject. I love them so much that although I am in grade 10, I am taking the grade 11 courses! In university I am interested in taking either forensics or psychiatry. Like I said before, I have an interest in modelling. I take modelling classes every Monday where I am educated more on how to pursue my interest as a model. This is the place where all of my pageant knowledge and confidence originated- before it all I could barely walk in heels! I have an amazing group of modelling friends and my coach is one of the reasons I am still pursuing my interest in pageants.

Some of my other hobbies include sports and music. The sports I play are: flag football, gymnastics, volleyball, cross country running, track and field, and soccer. The one I have been dedicated to the longest is gymnastics, but I recently stopped club gymnastics and continued high school gymnastics because as I get older my work load grows. My favourite kind of music is indie pop- artists such as Lana Del Rey, Halsey, and The Neighbourhood. This type of music has meaningful lyrics whereas a lot of music these days just degrades women and uses a lot of profanity. When I was about 7, I taught myself how to play piano just by listening by ear. Ever since, I have been a self-taught pianist, which is kind of ironic because I have had hearing loss for almost a year now.

My goal in this pageant is to just try my hardest and to come home as a better woman than I started off as. This goal is really achievable and I absolutely cannot wait to meet everybody in August! I will be spending my sweet 16 with all the beautiful ladies so I hope this birthday is one to remember 🙂

 Love, Miss Teenage Sudbury District 2017

Written by: Faith
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