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Posted by Faith Victoria on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Everyday, girls are sexualized and objectified for wearing clothing that allows them to be comfortable in hot weather. Whether this be shorts or a tank top, no girl should have to be pulled out of class to change their clothing. Classrooms don’t have air conditioning in the hot seasons, yet girls are expected to wear full length pants and shirts. “Short must be mid-thigh”- but absolutely no stores sell those kinds of shorts, fashionable or not. Girls deserve as many rights as boys do when it comes to dressing for the weather. Shoulders and thighs should not be considered too sexual for school and we hope this changes.

To fix this issue I made a petition of which I will discuss with the school board or any authority that can help us fix this issue.

”┬áThe purpose of this petition is to allow girls to feel comfortable in their own skin. Girls are inevitably forced to wear warm clothing in summer because they are afraid of getting dress coded/embarrassed for wearing what keeps them comfortable. Girls understand the importance of modesty and professionalism- changing the dress code does not mean allowing clothing of any type. Changing the dress code allows for girls to not feel objectified for showing their skin and allows them to dress according to the weather. Our goal is to change the view of the School Board and hope they consider being more lenient when it comes to dress codes.”

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